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Not Funny

by Not Funny

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take a peek in the periscope batten the hatches with heavy rope dive deeper still till we start to choke compound the pressure to break this boat expand till we explode neurological connections compatibility corrections anonymous anomaly catapult cartography portal patent pending atmosphere suspending stationary walkabout vibrations never ending beam the meaning from the sky anticipate the way we die lock the door destroy the key decode the patterns in our sleep from inside out the spectrum pallet grows expand till we explode
would it be too bold of me to assume that you went out and found yourself someone new just like I know you love to do I’m stuck here alone waiting by my telephone hoping half haplessly that you would call me enthrall me with words that resemble home but I’d be better off unknown because if home is where there’s heart it seems the hardest part’s deciding where to start without you you’re obsessive about the fumes that enticed your migration from this room it appeared so cathartic the way you departed turn on the world inside instead keeping warm with blood rushing to my head as I lie unromantically on our bed cite the letters you left that leave me in shreds but I’d be better off left dead because if home is where there’s heart it seems the hardest part’s deciding where to start without you jam the lock shut out the lights let’s let the alcohol make it all alright I’d imagine that the sun wouldn’t burn as bright if it were true that you were truly gone from my life because home is where there’s heart and it seems the hardest part’s been deciding where to start without you
we all need to get along cause it won’t be long till what you love’s all gone this world has gone to shit and all our friends and family sit in front of screens it seems there’s nothing to be done we just need to get along because the justice system’s failing everyone there’s someone always watching you just to look out for themselves it’s true so let’s pretend the ending will be fun while the higher-ups keep hoarding all their guns oh I guess it’s not so bad and yes I’m glad that we are still alive we’re still alive oh we believe we get along yet them strangers we encounter don’t belong the weather is in doubt and all the water’s drying out while all the wealthy people pile up their dough and the rest of us have nowhere we can go oh I guess it’s not so bad and yes I’m glad that we are still alive no it isn’t what we had but what we’ll be when we come together right but it’s up to you all to see it from a wider view to do the things you gotta do to move ahead and make your luck yeah I need you all to finally actually give a fuck
with the door closed shut I can be just what you had known me to be in my mind so much when did you decide it would be alright if we fell out of touch burn the LEDs all night clear this canvas of everything you put in sight scrub the ceilings and the floorboards clear them dresser drawers and the cupboard stores to make it feel that this is right that this is all alright
You Know I 02:48
put the coins on the counter then you hear them quarters clink nine new George Washingtons watch them while they sink cop the keys off the coffee table take this show downtown cause the parking’s free on weekends all round town I think and you know I and I know I run every red light and stop sign long the way might sight see buildings towers tall all day compress the sadness to a pinhole headache spree at least our car can park for no time fee till Monday and you know I and I know I and I know why my tank’s on empty even though the gas got filled tire tread worn down to rims on ground not wheels I feel through the window wonder when the day went night then all along the street we sight the meters blink and think that nothing’s free and you know I and I know I and I know you
it’s plain to see how you and me could count out so consistently the times the time was running short for you to sort of court the empty feelings felt inside your failing heart was hovering on cigarettes and piano strings that sing my oh my how lovely we both look today invested in the ways we say it’s fine I wind up on the morning news purporting my ambitions to be right and right away you make it clear to me that we won’t be a word that would define this present state of you and I so don’t suppose our future’s looking bright it might just be that clarity is clearly not conforming to my sight don’t dare describe the scenery as setting fit for being so contrite and hopefully that note you leave will help the self-deceit believe I’m doing alright cause underneath the subtleties this situation’s starting to unbind it’s funny how you look that way expecting me to come around and say it’s fine
hasty wasting all the times you never knew that you’d be mine but I knew mailbox maybe me can see sort the letters littered from tall trees build the buildings bigger still steel and concrete can create a world with all or so it seems we’d never want for brighter things silver sucker skating by waiting weary hope to die oh how true secret stories stowed away something special leading bones astray with head content but heart displeased the meek are seeking shelter from the sweltering bells and whistles toll and sing to bring the people everything they thought they needed but the think was a plot they bought to buy more things power persons turn and bow hopeless heroes furrow at the brow oh how true but I knew oh how true me and you nation notions for reform but realizing real life means real eyes and real cries to shield the truth from sure demise tune the tele go to sleep peel your eyes and put life on repeat
it’s funny how things change but I’ll stay the same the sun’s all ablaze and the stained glass it sprays the room and I think of you it’s funny how we say the meaning’s well made and money’s not truth the fact is I’m black and blue when I think of you and you never noticed how odd it would be to laugh like the joke was well known but for me the humor we make might offset what we see but something’s been missing since we became me it’s funny how things change but I’ll stay the same
everyone I know sure knows a thing about a thing or two problem is when problems show we probably don’t know what to do we talk too loud to listen to what anyone would want to say appearing hard of hearing letting silence be the words we make I’ve seen too much to tell I know I know I’ve seen you all before and I know you like I know myself so self-reflection is in-store well I’ve got friends and I’ve got family and I’ve got tons and tons and tons of lonely well I’d have tons and tons of fun alone but I’ve got you and you sure know that you’ve got
So Much 04:26
there is so much love there is so much well there is so much left to give to all the people who we live with every day to all the dads and moms and bestest friends who fight our battles for us till the end who get sad in moments when we wouldn’t win and stick by our silly notions when we motion to begin again there is so much love there is so much well there is so much life to lead with all the people who we need to keep around and I’ve got places left to see and things to do for you and me with copacetic energy abound we found the words to speak then lost the languages to sound and there is so much hate there is so much there are haters all around but I refuse to let their anger bring me down bad people who surmise they chalk their spirit full of lies who lose themselves so be grateful for the folks who toast your health there are many maybe fewer but the ones who do won’t fail while I believe that I am good I know them bad things all too well and the better worst won’t go away and the ones who love you always say they love you far too often for your taste there is so much love there is so much there is too much


Written & Performed by Not Funny
Recorded at Studio 'M' in Omaha, Nebraska


released August 3, 2018

Drums - Cody Soulliere
Bass & Vocals - Mark Siegel
Guitar & Vocals - Aaron David Wrigley

Not Funny © 2018


all rights reserved



Not Funny Nebraska

Cody Soulliere
- Drums

A.D. Wrigley
- Guitar

Mark Siegel
- Bass

Columbus, Nebraska

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